Each summer, various salmon species travel back to their spawning grounds through Bristol Bay, Alaska. Independent fishermen catch these fish using either set-net or shift-net fishing gear. We purchase the fish directly from these individual fishermen via buying stations along the beach. We then process the salmon at our plant located in Big Creek, near Egegik on the shores of Bristol Bay. Using transport tenders, we also purchase fish straight from drift-net fishermen. The salmon are immediately placed into iced totes and transported to the plant for processing. The plant runs 24 hours per day, assuring the fresh fish are headed, gutted and frozen within hours of being caught. Our employees have extensive training in the proper handling of the fish, enabling us to provide the best product available for our customers.


Alaska Mist 166ft. catcher/processor 

Pavlof 162ft. catcher/processor 

Tina B 74ft. tender/packer 

Alaskan Enterprise 131ft. catcher/processor 

Linda B 69ft. tender/packer

Rosy B 61ft. tender/packer

*Vessels not pictured: Mary B and Laina B